"Kanye inventing the cell phone selfie"
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Solid day today. Split into two halves, before and after work. Just an 8.5 hour shift, so I wasn’t too bad after. 12 hrs tomorrow though, gonna be tough to train after that. Might make it an active recover day.

Front squats felt better than they have in a whileeeee, glute activation is serving its purpose quite well. Snatches weren’t the best in terms of makes, but I was very happy with my pulling technique. Probably a hang clean PR at the end too. Got under those HELLA fast.



onmypace thought this was you

Lol. I wish I was this good-looking.

Thought it was you too man

I think that muscle snatches are insanely under rated and are the best assistance exercise for the snatch, PERIOD. Your bar path has to be so crisp, your extension has to be so violent.

Anonymous asked:
Who's all Canadian that you follow?

Too many people to even name… But like/reblog this if you’re Canadian for the anon!

Before this year is over I am without a doubt taking a solo trip to Montreal. It’s just figuring out the how/when that might be a problem.

Really good day today. Got some bucket list items (all food) checked off, happy about that. It really feels good to actually have fun this summer, this is one of maybe 4-5 times I’ve really enjoyed myself for an extended period.

Also, there’s something so beautiful and poetic about how Jay and ‘Ye flow so seamlessly together on a bunch of watch the throne tracks. It just inspires me to be good at life.

Highlights from my day downtown with @shelleykmt ! Finally tried Korean BBQ, Churros and kangaroo meat. Took a selfie with bumblebee too. #me  #CNE #nofilter #churros #lawd

Since Saturday, I’ve gained back 5 of the 10lbs I lost. I must have been hella dehydrated. Feeling better now though. Apparently you need food to prevent wasting away. Who knew.