Finally shook all the negative vibes and thoughts today, got back in the zone. The bad training week is behind me, I’m ready to get back on track. Squats are coming back too, 30lbs off my best 5RM. Capable of that and more in a few weeks. I’m ready to tear it up. #training #fitness #squats #dyel #batman



These are the tights in question. I also have neon eye makeup on and I’m rocking my boboacademy tank.

I took tank tops and tights to a whole new level last night. I’m not about that tank tops and sweater life just yet. Holding onto those last shreds of summer. sarah-squats, weightliftingcanadian

You should definitely lift in these.
Childish Gambino Grindin' My Whole Life
Childish Gambino
Grindin' My Whole Life



this is fucking art

ok i didnt fuck with him before but now I do

When I heard this shit I was out of commission for the rest of the day.

Just drank 950 kcal of hot chocolate. Might just make it. Maybe I’ll maintain weight, get enough cals to get my squat up. I have hope. Thanks sarah-squats


weightliftingcanadian's response to the guy I'm talking to….

Smh. No further comments.


raw as hale tbh

190.909091 kg blaze it