Turns out I’ve been illuminati this whole time… I can’t believe it. #me #nofilter #illuminati

I got two pairs of sweatpants, a raptors shirt, a pair of compression shorts and workout tights for 80$ and I’m super happy about it tbh.

Recipe for those who asked.

I blended the oats to a powder, used chocolate protein powder, and put brown sugar instead of stevia.


20100902 Bacon Cheeseburger by Tom Spaulding on Flickr.

Today was pretty meh. Lifted in my singlet because of reasons, still don’t know if I look ridiculous or not, still deciding. Everything felt pretty heavy off the floor, cleans were the only thing that went decently well besides a couple jerks. Snatches need to be better for the rest of the week, they were actually pretty good from the floor but from extension onwards sort of fell apart. Know where I went wrong at least.

Anonymous asked:
your bf stared at my butt


Bwahahaha! That’s aight.

"She got the goods, she got that ass, I got to look. Sorry"


Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches