Does anyone else love (and actively try to reproduce) that sweet spot of thumb nail growth where it’s long enough to make your hook grip more secure, but not too long that pressing on it hurts? I live for that shit. I try to line those few days up with maxes.


girls with cute laughs that have even cuter moans (✿◠‿◠)

Anna relax your laugh is a snort.

Can Napping Help With Muscular Growth?



Like I need to know this to want to take a nap

Thanking myself for that 90 min nap today

Let’s run this cycle again… It’s 3 weeks long and I’ve PRed my snatch every time. 14/15 for the 3 position snatches, missed one hip snatch. Some of them from the floor felt beautiful. Accidental hang power snatch in the video.

Jerks felt off, the dip wasn’t really powerful today. Still got through them though, didn’t make it last time.

Pulls felt fast as hell, I just wanted to snatch them.

The last video is something new I’ve decided to implement. Working on creating power through a small ROM (eg the jerk drive), being explosive. Tried to not re-bend my knees.

I’ve also started to approach every lift from the floor the exact same way. Building a routine.

Anonymous asked:
sit on my face and sing la cucaracha baby